Pulse Oximeters/Accessories

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  • Adult Finger Probe for N2500
    8000AA Adult Finger Clip (> 30 kg / > 66 lbs *Nonin has designed an array of PureLight reusable sensors--available for patients of all sizes (adult pediatric & infant) and clinical presentations *The 8000 Series of reusable sensors are ideal for short-term monitoring stress testing and spot checks--any situation where the risk of cross-contamination is low *A comfortable sensor each is designed for a specific application and is form-fitted to decrease ambient light interference *Proven PureLight LEDs for accuracy at critical SpO2 levels *..
  • Avant BP & Digital Pulse Oximeter
    Offers both noninvasive blood pressure and proven SPO2 monitoring - all in one compact lightweight and easy-to-use portable unit * Designed for maximum versatility in patient monitoring with effortless mobility - by easily attaching the unit to a rolling stand or simply carrying it with its integrated handle * Ideal for pediatrics through adults * An assortment of Nonin sensors and blood pressure cuff sizes to adapt to each patient application * Print capabilities to print data on-demand or automatically * User-defined alarm defaults can be cu..
  • Avant Digital Pulse Oximeter
    Nonin Avant 9600 Pulse Oximeter Includes: * 8000-AA Adult Sensor (3 meters) * Avant B- battery Pack NiMH 7.2v * 7.2v power supply & power cord * Operator's Manual - CD-ROM * The Nonin Avant 9600?s simple functionality quick recharge and extraordinary 115 hours of memory makes it well-suited for a multitude of applications * Incorporating Nonin?s proven digital pulse oximetry the Nonin Avant 9600 pulse oximeter offers concise performance combined with rugged durability * The Nonin 9600 provides a variety of display indicators to ensure reliab..
  • Cable and Sensor for #N7500 PulseOximeter
  • Carry Case for 3301 Pulse Oximeter
    Protective carrying case with belt clip and shoulder strap * For use with the BCI 3301 Hand-Held pulse oximeter..
  • Case for N9500 Pulse Oximeter Black
    Black with Belt Loop * Made from heavy duty black Cordura..
  • Case Only for #N2500A  Black
    NONIN 2500CC 2500 SERIES PROTECTIVE CARRYING CASE *Nylon protective case for the 2500 PalmSat series oximeter *Spare battery and sensor storage *Oximeter not included *Black..
  • Comfort Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter  Blue Jay Brand
    Deluxe Portable non invasive spot-check of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate of adult and pediatric patient at home and in clinical settings (Not for continuous monitoring) * Finger range from Adult to Pediatric * Large and bright digital LED one way display * Rubber internal coating provides a comfortable finger tip holding chamber * Displays Sp02 Pulse Rate and Pulse Bar * Automatically powers off when not in use * Battery low indicator * Uses two AAA batteries (can be continuously operated for 30 hours) * Cle..
  • Digital Hand-Held Oximeter Nonin
    * The Nonin 8500 Digital Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter provides a simple universal tool for patient monitoring - from spot checks to continuous monitoring * This handheld pulse oximeter provides an easy and accurate assessment of oxygen saturation and pulse rate from adults to neonates * Truly portable this pocket-size handheld oximeter will hold up in the most demanding environments * With 100 hours of battery life the 8500 provides a cost-effective environmentally friendly solution for your monitoring needs * Easy to use 3-button operation a..
  • Ear Probe only for N8500
    3 foot cable * 90 day warranty * Fits Nonin 8500 9840 2500 9600 9700 2120 7500 series oximeters * Nonin PureLight sensors produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum which eliminates variations in readings from patient-to-patient and sensor-to-sensor *..