Flexibility & Rotation Testers

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  • Acuflex I Modified Sit and Reach Box
    Novel Products Acuflex I Standard sit and reach tests use a reference point and test procedure which does not allow for variations in the length of arms and legs of the person being tested. With long arms and short legs you will do well. With long legs and short arms you are at a great disadvantage. We have recognized the limits of the existing test and in conjunction with several world renowned Sports Medicine Professionals have developed the Acuflex I Modified Sit and Reach Test. With the Acuflex I we have limited the variables and are ..
  • Acuflex II Trunk Rotation Test
    Accurately test flexibility of ankles knees trunk shoulder and neck * Wall mounted indicator is adjustable for individual height * Quickly evaluate the effectiveness of exercise or therapy program * Comes complete with instructions and 1 year warranty *..
  • Acuflex III Shoulder Rotation Test
    Evalute the flexibility of the shoulder * For Arthritic assessment or Athletic evaluation * Bar is constructed of extruded aluminum * Comes complete with instructions and storage box *..
  • Baseline Sit & Reach Trunk Flexibility Test  Deluxe
    Performs Sit-and-Reach test * Scales include: fitness program Cooper Institute/YMCA AAHPERD * Scales printed in inches and centimeters * Sturdy construction with a built-in foot plate and a maximum stretch indicator that remains until reset * Powder-coated metal throughout * Deluxe model used for modified Sit-and-Reach test enabling the testing protocols to be used that vary the scale start point; this normalizes scores to account for variation in the arm and leg length of the person being tested *..
  • Core Stix Pro Model PT Package
    Pro Model - Physical Therapy Package (without XHeavy Stix) * Matte Silver * The following are included in PT Package; Core Stix Physical Therapy Chart mounted to Pro Board; Floor Standing Stix Stand (Stix Stand is for storage of the Stix when not being used and is portable); PT Protocols Instructional Manual & Online Access to Videos * Made in the USA..
  • Flex-Tester Sit and Reach Flexibility Test Box
    All steel construction * Has all the most popular test scales and room to add any scale you prefer in inches or centimeters * Easy-to-reach scales are provided in both inches and centimeters * Maximum reach indicator requires less personnel and less time * Special foot plate prevents slipping and eliminates the need to prop this flexibility tester against the wall * Flat shipping storage and disassembly makes this an excellent long-term investment * Assembles with no tools *..
  • PortRod Height Measure Kit
    Height Rod with Wall Mount Kit: *Lightweight and portable wall mount height rod *Includes mounting kit *Dimensions: 45 x 4 x 4 *Weight: 7 lbs..
  • Stadi-O-Meter Growth Measure Wall Unit
    Made of durable high quality formed steel with a durable finish For tall short young old basketball coach pediatrician or anyone else * Measures from 30 to 84 so you seldom have a person off the scale at either end * Easy-to-use and installs in minutes * Guaranteed accurate +/- 1/16 which is enough for most research projects since individual stature can vary according to activities time of day and footwear * Magnetically attached flip-down measuring arm is constructed of durable washable molded plastic * Arm slides easily in ..