Heavy Duty Massagers

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  • Heavy Duty Variable Speed Massager Jeanie Rub
    Variable Speed * This version of our Jeanie Rub allows you to vary the speed of the massager from 1400 to 4600 rpm * Lower speeds deliver a more soothing massage while faster speeds are more invigorating * Features an easily adjustable switch placed conveniently near your finger tips * Provides deep-penetrating action that safely relaxes tight muscles and stimulates circulation for all body types * Ideal for personal health fitness and sports massage * The accessory posts allow you to add precise trigger point and pressure point therapy to y..
  • Jeanie Rub Extremity Accessory only
    Fits all Jeanie Rub massagers * Attaches with built-in straps * Made of a dense molded foam *..
  • Jeanie Rub Massager- Fleece Pad Cover
    Fleece pad * This comfortable fleece pad cover allow you to use oils and lotions while protecting the vinyl pad * Machine washable * Massager sold separately *..
  • Jeanie Rub Paraspinal Accessory only
    Fits all Jeanie Rub massagers * Attaches with built-in straps * Made of a dense molded foam *..
  • Memory Face Cradle With Sherpa Cover
    Soothing memory foam comfortably conforms to face..
  • Omni Roller Kit- Black Cap Assorted Colors-Display 12 pcs
    Omni Roller 12 count display is the perfect merchandiser to attract shoppers * Each display includes a colorful array of Omni Massage balls as well as attractive educational brochures and posters that will help educate your customers on the therapeutic benefits of Omni Massage..
  • Professional Palm Massager by ObusForme
    The Professional Palm Massager is a percussion massage with soothing heat designed for various area of the body * Ideal for post sport use * Relax with pinpoint massage for targeted relief of areas that carry stress such as shoulders and lower back * Simple and lightweight design * Variable speed control up to 2 200 pulses per minute * 3 attachments for customized use: spot heat and contour *..
  • Soothe-A-Ciser Pillow  Blue Fabric
    The Soothe-A-Ciser was originally designed for home use as a natural traction device * By laying face up on the pillow the weight of your head acts as a traction system * The Soothe-A-Ciser helps to alleviate tension headaches and neck pain by gently stretching the upper chest and anterior neck muscles * The contoured design elevates the face shoulders and neck for better access while providing comfortable support for clients when placing neck in mild traction * Made of high quality precision cut foam and available with a cotton/polyester b..
  • Thumper Mini Pro
    Professional Grade product designed for durability and effectiveness * It is used around the world in both clinical and home environments * A strong massage with no work: Thumper Mini Pro does the work not the user * Its long handle design is perfect for treating others and for self-use at home * You can reach areas like the shoulders hamstrings and midback * This product is excellent for self-care * With three electronically controlled speed settings at 20 30 and 40 pulses per second the Mini Pro can be adjusted to accommodate personal pre..
  • Thumper Sport Massager
    Thumper's Sport patented drive system technology transmits energy deep into the muscle tissue * Variable speed control from 20 to 40 pulses per second that match your muscles' natural healing frequency * A True Speed feedback system that prevents low speed stalls * Interchangeable massage spheres that let you customize your massage experience * Long ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach all muscle groups neck shoulders back legs * Easy to clean just wipe with damp cloth * Hand manufactured in Canada ensuring the highest quality produc..