Manual/Electric Treadmills

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  • Stationary Bike
    The CIC800 Indoor Cycle excels in three critical areas- durability comfort and performance. * It is a perfect addition to a club corporate fitness/recreation center school or hotel because the stout design will withstand hours of consistent use. * The needle bearings that encompass the pedals and flywheel axle industrial grade Hutchinson Poly-V belt and our three piece crank work synergistically to create the perfect formula for durability and performance. * The fore/aft/up/down adjustments of the handlebars and seat along with SPD dual ped..
  • Treadmill
    XT685 Treadmill is our non-folding treadmill. * The extra large 22 x 60 workout surface and 3.75hp motor makes this a great running treadmill. * The large easy-to-read LCD along with our heart rate graph bar and muscle activation figure give you the feedback to keep you going through every workout. * Features of this treadmill: * A bright blue backlit LCD console offers a multitude of feedback data. * Quick Speed and Incline keys make workouts more efficient. * Included wireless telemetric heart rate chest strap will help you stay withi..