Eye Wash Stations & Bottles

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  • Eye Wash Bottle only  16oz
    Fast effective relief for immediate emergency flushing * The easy-to-squeeze bottle has a uniquely designed eyecup that allows the eye to be irrigated whether the user is standing sitting or lying down * A perforated plate breaks up the stream of water providing a gentle spray into the eye * Used eyewash exits through a drain tube and is prevented from going back into the bottle * 16 oz. (500 ml) *..
  • Eye Wash Station w/2 - 16oz Filled Eye and Skin Wash
    Can be mounted anywhere * Each station has instructions for use dust covers and locator sign * May be used with clean water or eye wash solutions (model 113) *..
  • Save-A-Tooth Preserving System
    Made in USA * System currently being used in many areas especially in schools school transportation sports & medical facilities clinics dentists EMT crews in ambulances etc. * Some school systems across the country are making this product mandatory * Save-A-Tooth protects and nourishes knocked-out teeth for 24 hours until replanted by a dentist * ADA accepted * FDA approved..