Eating Aids

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  • Folding Handled Teaspoon
    For people with limited hand mobility the handles on these eating utensils provide several grasping positions *Fingers can be inserted through the hollow center or wrapped around the outside *The eating utensils are stainless steel and are attached to the handle by a swivel screw that allows the utensil to fold back on the handle when not in use *Utensils may be reversed for right or left handed use *Easily fit into a pocket or purse for travellers *The handle is 5 (12.7 cm) long with a string loop at the end *Utensils protrude 3 1/4 (8.3 cm)..
  • Kangaroo Gastrofeeding Tube w/Y Ports  20cc  20fr  Cs/5
    KANGAROOTM GASTROSTOMY FEEDING TUBES: * The feeding port is incompatible with luer lock or IV connections reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion * Available with safe enteral connections to address the 2006 JCAHO Tubing Misconnections Sentinel Event alert * The rube is constructe * Feeding Tube with Y-Port 20mL 20FR/Ch (6.7mm) 5/cs..
  • Meal Tray  21  x 16  Stainless Steel
    * Stainless Steel finish provides an easily washable surface * Beveled edges prevent food or drink from sliding off tray..
  • Pencil Weights..... Set/3
    Pack of 3 weights with O Rings..
  • Round-Up Plate
    For children and adults with limited muscle control and coordination * A high inner wall around the circumference prevents food from spilling or sliding off the plate * Measures 8 diameter x 3/4 high * Dishwasher safe..
  • Youthspoon  Plastisol Coated
    Youthspoon * The bowls have been coated to increase the bowl thickness and gives protection to the lips and teeth * Daily inspection of the utensil is recommended for damaged coating * Dishwasher safe but cold sanitization is recommended * Not recommended for heavy biters *..